Andrea King

Edmonton, AB

I'm an accounting student with a passion for the written word. I'm usually reading, writing, or blogging. I usually read books from the contemporary, young adult, conspiracy, and fantasy sections, but I keep an open mind.

If I’m not reading books, doing school work (online, except for exams), or doing everyday life routine, I’m playing my guitar, singing my heart out, drawing, painting, writing, taking pictures of random things, fixing broken gadgets at home, organizing files on my laptop, playing scratch cards, researching researching random topics from how to make ice cream to noetic science, window shopping online, solving sudoku puzzles, or just anything I feel like doing at that moment. I get bored and get sidetracked very easily and because of that I tend to be very random.

I love making new friends and getting to know people. I love different cultures and I’m fascinated by how different and similar some cultures are. I’m a happy and friendly person and I don’t get stressed out easily.

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