Andrea Kovach

Web Developer, Designer, and Illustrator in Gilroy, California

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I am an ambitious website developer, graphic design, and illustrator.

Creativity surrounds all my projects and I thrive in challenging situations. I strive to have my designs to be original, current, and unique. I am currently earning my bachelors in business marketing, where I have further developed my branding skills and strategies. I am always improving my skills and I am committed to success. I would love to discuss any potential projects and ideas with you. So please, let's get in touch!

A little more about me...

I have two dogs and a turtle. Animals bring brightness to my life. I love to paint and draw and anything in between. While living in California my whole life, this beautiful state has brought some much inspiration and artistic living. I work passionately on any project. Once an idea has entered my brain, there simply is no stopping it! I always strive for originality and differentiation from others. I am trilled to design every day of my life.