Andrea Li

I started designing jewelry during my time living in Amsterdam back in 2000. I knew I had a tendency toward the creative and a natural ability to execute but had only explored two dimensional mediums. As a result my work was underdeveloped and lacked a strong concept. I knew identifying a concept and developing it would give my work reason potentially fostering a passion that ultimately would become significant. The relationship between the two would drive the other and vice versa. The alchemy of these two elements was discovered by moving into 3 dimensional sculpture that had both a form and a function. Essentially my passion chose me through an exploration of fundamental skills already in place. I really connected to the idea that the functional properties of fashion could become a vehicle for art to become wearable and everyday. From this idea came my concept of breaking conventions of how art is traditionally perceived and in my own way put a contemporary spin on an object with a long lineage of history. A reinterpretation in a language of my own that lends homage to past visionaries of their time. In the art or fashion world an original idea simply does not exist. No one can reinvent the wheel but we can improve it, change it even offer a fresh way to perceive it.