Andrea Lopriore

As an aspiring dietitian my desire is to become an advocate for credible nutritional education. This will allow me to provide people with the tools to take control of their own health and wellness, which will empower them to write their own story.

I sincerely believe that striving toward balanced nutrition, physical activity, and wellness is the foundation of ones best health. Working in the fitness field for the previous five years has deepened my desire to educate the community about the importance of being healthy and heightening their curiosity to seek out what wellness means to them; emphasizing that wellness is not a one-size-fits all recipe.

My varied work experience in the arena of wellness allows me to bring a host of strengths to a dietetic internship. Among them are leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills. These skills have been highlighted in my mind-body approach to personal training and my role as a fitness educator.

Choosing Bastyr University for its rigorous curriculum and its strong integration of natural medicine into the field dietetics falls into line with my vision of health. Bastyr has a strong foundation in science, as well as counseling, whole-food nutrition and ecologic nutrition, which will make me a well-rounded nutrition professional.

My willingness to learn and my enthusiasm for the field of dietetics makes me a strong candidate for a dietetic internship.