Andrea-Lynn Tummons

Mother, Influencer, and Photographer in Missouri

Andrea-Lynn Tummons

Mother, Influencer, and Photographer in Missouri

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Hi! You rock for checking out my page! I'll view yours shortly!

I'm not good at these "bragging about yourself" things. My life isn't perfect. In fact, it's pretty basic and I've learned to to accept who I am is not always going to please everybody. I have learned to stick up for myself though and do what makes ME happy. Took me 25 years to figure that one out! Truth!

Anyways, if you missed it, my name is Andrea-Lynn and I identify as a free-spirited hipster. I'm 20-something. I'm actually 28, but whose counting anyways? I'm a FREE lifestyle photographer in Missouri, mother of a few girls, and a 9 year wife to an Army Veteran. I also do product and book reviews! I homeschool my children and am a caregiver to my oldest who is mentally and physically incapacitated. My life revolves around doctors appointments and surgeries, but I have managed to make the most of it! I've found life has been overwhelmingly stressful at different times, but I tend to embrace the suck with lots of optimism and tears! :]

Being completely real here.. there are very few things that make me legit happy. One of those things is food. Pizza & sushi specifically. But yeah. I eat my feelings. On the daily. The struggle is real ppl, but so is my appetite. Hah! I have a huge passion for photography, video games, coloring with my kids, reading a good book series, watching a good show on Netflix, and listening to feel good music. I love to dance. I suck at it, but that's a fact of life. I love wine. I love tequila. I also love a nice cold Corona. My fave car is an MKIV 95 Supra. (Swoon!) I'm into doing fun stuff with like-minded friends. I am obsessed with and I listen to and read every Sunday, religiously. If you aren't familiar with those two sites.. get acquainted now. They are life changers. I promise.

I took a personality test this year that said I am an ENFJ. Google it. You might be more like me than you know! Sorting hat says Hufflepuff.

If you have the privilege to call me a friend, then you're my family. I have some amazing friends.

Well there you have it. That's me in a nutshell.

If you need a product or book to be reviewed, I can be emailed at

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