Andrea Maxwell

Therapist, Small Business Owner, and reflexologist in Belfast, United Kingdom

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I am a qualified Holistic Therapist with a diploma in Reflexology. I am about to qualify with a diploma in Aromatherapy and body massage.

I am in the process of establishing a Community Interest Company in Belfast. This company will provide holistic therapies for all members of the community, particularly those living with mental health issues and the effects of suicide.

I also make bath products containing essential oils which I have found to be excellent in helping my health and that of my children. I make detoxing bath soak, soothing foot soak, sugar scrubs to exfoliate the skin, whipped body butters, wax melts, shower melts, essential bath oils and essential oil Rollettes which my clients use to great effect for stress and other health issues.

I use essential oils with all my clients during reflexology treatments and they have felt the enormous benefits of these oils.

I am extremely passionate about the using essential oils to aid health in a holistic way.