Andrea My Realtor

Northern California, United States

Hi! My name is Andrea Sarmiento and I'm a Mom, a volunteer for Girl Scouts, and a Realtor.

I'm a Native San Franciscan...which basically means that I was born in San Francisco and the first breath I took outside of the hospital I was in had both the San Francisco Bay breeze and Pacific Ocean winds in it.

I was raised here on the west coast (yes, I'm a true California girl!), educated in the midwest and took that midwest work ethic with me to the east coast. My first career was in the music business. From that lifestyle, I've visited and lived in several places in our beautiful country, only to find that it's just like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "There's No Place Like Home."

Naturally, when it was time to grow some roots and have a family of my own, I decided to move back and settle down in Northern California...where everything old becomes new again, beauty isn't compromised for innovation, and the fresh ideas from entrepreneurship are welcome 24/7/365. I believe that home is where the heart is...and since I'd left my heart here, coming home was the only logical thing to do. I love this place!

I'm a Coldwell Banker agent. I love helping people. Outside of volunteering with the kids, I have a lot of fun at my "day job" doing what I do best: being a Realtor. On any given day, I either have the 100% of the information or have access to 100% of the information you need to answer your questions and get your real estate needs met.

So when you or someone you know thinks about real estate, pick up the phone and give me a call, send me a text, or email me so we can meet up and talk. I'd love to learn about what home looks and feels like to you, find out what your game plan for your financial future is, and/or get your questions answered. And then when you're ready...and I mean, really, really ready, I can guide you through the real estate maze, strongly negotiate on your behalf along the way, and we'll get through it all...together.

  • Work
    • Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  • Education
    • Pre-Law, Economics