Andrea Nagel

Interior Design, Holistic Feng Shui, and Life Coach in Mogán, Spanien

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Hello, I´m from Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain.

I'm passionated about life!

Passion, wonders, and surprises that's what life is all about in its abundance.

... with my work I'm trying to open an access to this lively richness for you!

As a Life Coach I am releasing the best that is urging to be lived.

The hidden beauty!

Dis-cover the beautifulness in your homes with my work as an Interior Designer in accordance with Holistic Feng Shui.

From small apartments to star hotels, the philosophy of living is "you are the house - the house is you".

Working all over the world makes me happy as a passionate explorer and traveler, and photographer with all heart and soul.

My site *Living the Beauty* is in progress!

For any information or request, please get in touch with me.

And, if you're looking for a cozy, inspiring, secret fairy-tale place for your next holiday, get a glimpse of

The guesthouse was renovated and restaurated by myself and is the place where I'm living and working, on Canary Islands Gran Canaria, Mogán.

Give it trial, stay a while, and get enchanted for your new life style.

Love, Andrea