Andrea Palacios

Andrea Palacios

From an international student that didn’t speak English with limited resources to a successful businesswoman running her own company within 5 years of being in a foreign country, she has grown Blue Studies International to over 20 staff and 7 offices around the world.

Andrea is the person that international students turn to for inspiration, clarity and direction when it comes to achieving their personal and professional goals. In recognition for her work, the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Colombia, nominated Andrea as one of the "Outstanding Colombians Overseas" in October 2014.

An altruist by nature, Andrea contributes to a number of social causes including working with the Colombian Community of Victoria, and AMA (Australian Multicultural Alliance) while directly sponsoring underprivileged children in Colombia.

As a founder of Blue Studies International, Andrea now focuses on the strategic direction and growth of the business to be the go-to place for students looking to fulfill their personal and professional goals within the international education industry.

An active board member of Education Consultant Association of Australia (ECAA), Andrea works with the biggest agencies in the country to protect the international education industry through implementing best practises, strict guidelines and to act as a real voice for international students.