Andrea L. Palmer


The phonetic key to my name: Un-dray-uh.

Who I am... forever FREED (really, really free), forever FORGIVEN (really, really forgiven) and for now FLAWED (really, really flawed). Freed to be loved and cherished by Abba, despite my fragile places. Forgiven by Abba, because of His Son, Jesus, my High Priest and Kinsman-Redeemer. Flawed, but indwelt and led by the Holy Spirit to walk in the perfect love of God, instead of walking in an illusion of perfection.

I'm a highly driven listener, lingerer, and learner, and a worshiper of the same God of Abraham and Job. I worship as one who has been rescued from all kinds of victimization. I live out my faith creatively as a disciple who is a wife and homeschooling mom of eight children. I've embraced my outgoing and introvert wiring–I love my alone time to contemplate and energize, but I love engaging hearts.

My five younger brothers call me, "bossy". My one, pre-teen sister calls me ma'am. I have a fetish with the color green and Tiffany blue anything! I collect (and use) big purses, Sharpie fine-point pens (black), and Post-it notes.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE studying the Jewish roots of my faith in Jesus, my Messiah. My g-to sites are,,,, and

I speak & scribble because they're some of the gifts given to me by the Father of Lights. (I see my gifts also as weapons - ammunition that allows me to fight the good fight.) My life is holy; it's not my own, it belongs to an intimate, holy and compassionate God! Shalom, all.

  • Work
    • Mosaic Church Women's Discipleship
  • Education
    • Art Institute of Atlanta