Andrea Paulinelli

Andrea Paulinelli

I am a German transplant, residing with my family in the Suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Growing up, I learned early to use as little energy and water as possible, bring my own bag to the grocery store, pay a deposit on bottles, eat seasonal non GMO foods, and recycle. Almost everything. Oh, and there were no credit cards, so I learned to be frugal and save up for whatever it was I wanted to purchase.

After living in the US, I learned that more and more foods are genetically modified. Since we didn't have the budget to purchase organic fruits and veggies only, we decided to learn to grow them in our back yard. We built raised beds and have harvested hundreds of pounds of food almost each summer in an area of only a few hundred sq. ft.

During the past 20+ years in my career, I have gained skills in sales, marketing, client support, business management, IT, event management, logistics and accounting. Most importantly, however, I have learned to apply my problem solver mindset, ethics, integrity, attention to detail, clear communications skills and expert negotiation skills to everything I do.

For 7 years, I owned a business distributing high efficiency dual flush toilets and promoting water conservation (I was also known as pottygirl). During this time, I became very involved in the residential “green building” industry and met many industry professionals, providing sustainable, or “green” materials and services. This includes solar companies, wind turbine installers, architects, builders, rainwater collection system providers and many more. I am part of a large network of professionals and enjoy connecting people.

I am a licenced Realtor® in GA and a certified EcoBroker®, which means I promote energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthier design/features in homes and buildings. I help buyers to find a home that is comfortable, affordable, healthy and saves money on utility bills. I can also help sellers to improve the home’s water and energy efficiency to appeal to today’s buyer.

I can help find a property suitable to grow veggies or raise livestock, or a property that enables you to be less dependent on running water or electricity. I If I can’t help you, I can find someone who can. Please visit my Real Estate website to find out how to contact me.