andrea perea

Student, Artist, and Dancer in Manresa, España

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My name is Andrea Perea Iglesias I’m 17 years old, I live in Manresa but I’m from Barcelona.

I live with my parents my little brother and my sister, I and my sister are twins and we have a special connection, she has dark and straight hair I have curly hair and I am ginger.

I don't have a job I just study to have a school degree,

I speak Spanish, Catalan a little English and Italian

my daily routine: I wake up at 8, I go to breakfast and at 9 I go to the school, and I leave at 2, as I take a little nap and go with my boyfriend and my friends, when it's too late I have dinner and sleep.

In my free time I do homework, cook, I like to hear music and dance, go with my friends to go around the city and talk about how we are.

I like dancing, eating good food, sleeping a lot and I love beer, I don't like music now I prefer jazz, blues, metal and rock, my favorite group is Scorpions.