Andrea Reindl

Alberta, Canada

In business, time with my kids, alone time or with friends being passionate is where it’s at. Helping you build your message and company around what you do best is what I do best. I love to take what you’re brilliant at and help make it understandable, clear and concise for others to understand. Then take those concepts and shine them up a bit. Add some pretty graphics and multiple layers to show your brilliance to your future raving fans.

A few years ago I was introduced to the world of Personas and fell in love the first weekend. The concepts around different types of people and decision making styles jazzed me up beyond belief. I studied under Anthony Garcia amongst others, became a certified Myers Briggs facilitator and have now created dozens of messages and brands using this technique.

Just a bit of back story…born with the horrible condition of ‘Build A Better Business Syndrome” I’ve spent my whole life as an entrepreneur. My Mom’s value that she instilled in us was that she wanted us to be able to look after ourselves. By the time I was 9 I was making and selling crafts at the local Farmer’s Market, later to be followed up with a business selling custom fit bras. (yep – for real!)

In the past 15 years I’ve, climbed the ranks of a multi level marketing company to be the youngest leader at the time, tried my hand at owning a residential real estate portfolio (still have a bit of that left), & worked with multiple clients helping them brand their companies alongside my partner at Promote A Book, Michael Drew. I can say I feel blessed beyond belief to have been chosen to be on some amazing teams.

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