Andrea Rubio Alvarez

Student in Madrid, España

Listen to my music

Hey there, I’m Andrea Rubio and I have a twin. In the morning I’m a student living in Madrid, España.

I have swum and have done karate since I was young. Now I like go shopping every time I can or meet my friends.

In the other hand I’m in love with animals, in fact I've had some pets like two tortoise, two baby chiken, three hamsters, three birds, a duck and my boy, my dog called BOSS.

At night, I am a very party girl that you always, yes, always you can find me at the NUIT disco because basically is my second home and I go out there to party every weekend so I've heard a lot of music.

Finally if you want I invite you to listen to the music I like or you can know more about me on my social networks.