Andreas Pasolympia

Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

Public Speaker | Ericksonian Hypnotherapist | Public Relations | NLP Trainer | Communication Consultant | Inspirational Speaker | Transformational Coach | Social Intervention | Story Teller | Brand Management | In-House Seminars | Public Seminars | Private Workshop | Services Excellence | Hypnotherapy Certification

Yes, it's all about communication. Everyone has their pleasure. And to Andreas, communication is his life. In fact some people say that he is crazy about communication, and it caused him to be a genius in that field.

He is very enthusiast to a wide range of communication, sometimes he can cure you of phobias, trauma, and all the emotional wounds of past conflicts with Hypnotherapy skills he has. Or he can take you for a run fore reaching your goal or your company with Transformational Coaching skills he learned. And above all, the Profound Wisdom, sometimes he can not resist the urge to invite you personally to be grateful for the present. Because he believes, simply by Living In The Present, we can achieve True Happiness.

He is :

Certified Master of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy from Bettermind Institute

Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapist from Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapist

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist from Steve G. Jones

Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP from NeoNLP Society

Certified NLP Advances Sales Specialist and NLP Practitioner from American University of NLP

Certified Life Coach from American University of NLP

Certified Coaching Essential and Coaching Genius from International Society of Neuro-Semantics

Certified Time-Line Therapy™ from Time-Line Therapy Association, Tad James

And of course there are many more, but the important thing is that he always gives a personal touch in every work. So whatever be your goal and your company, can come true in a way that is elegant and meaningful. Now, realize your goals and your company with Andreas Pasolympia, and make life more miraculous.

  • Work
    • Sang Pemenang Communication Consultant
  • Education
    • London School of Public Relations Jakarta