Andreas Evander

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway

Affectionate IT-Specialist, focusing on It advisory, project management, & It Solution architecture.

Im a true Technocrat in most senses, soldering amplifiers, custombuilding computer chassis, or just building a kitchen outside on the porch seems like a well spent afternoon, i would fit perfectly into bigbang theory if it werent for the fact that i hate command lines.

My lastest baby is to be found at, a consultancy firm with end tier, high-end consultants in It-managment, datacenter specialists, cloud and automation and branch specific systems for healthcare.

The other kids 8 & 12 years, are my largest gifts in live give to me by my wife, they will end up ruining me financially while filling my life and heart of happy moments

My CV with my latest assignments can be found if you scroll down

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