Andreas Feldenkirchen


Dear brick-and-mortar retailers, do not stare on your status quo and freeze! Anxiety is the stalemate of change. Ignorance of the changing marketplace will not bring you in a better position. I am challenging you to face the uncertain future in our business sector. Change can only happen from inside your company and is enabled through the right mindset. With my work I enable you and your team to adjust to these changes. It is not foregoing the basics of retail. It is ensuring we have defined your companies values, principles and philosophies first. And then we dive into the customer experience you deliver: In your store, your website and your social media efforts. We are using our lean retail approach to analyse the status quo (product, store, service, team, communications), create new visions and to deliver. Deliver a superior service to you - and in result a unique and emotional shopping experience for your customers. WHY? Your customer (i hate the word consumer) is demanding more than ever. Through new technologies like mobile devices he is in the drivers seat and puts you in re-action mode. You need to have a better product offer, deliver better service and create an better retail experience. NOW! The combination of all this is what i call HYBRID COMMERCE. It is complex and its challenging but it is also fun to work under uncertain conditions. By seeing through the eyes of the ever more demanding customer we help you to develop innovative retail concepts in an uncertain future. And we go beyond attaining your needs. We provide follow-up and support to ensure the success of your project. Full stop. NOW you can either click away, procrastinate and do business as usual OR you can get in touch with us to see what we can do together. Sincerly, Andreas PS: Dear Online Pure Players, have you already looked into offline retail? Wether its a classic store, Pop Up stores, Showrooms. We can help.