Andreas Kalteis

HARD, Vorarlberg, Austria

Inspired by Leaders like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Ralph Lauren I chose to drop out of the educational system and teach myself the necessary skills to follow my dream of making a living from Parkour at age 17. I knew that if I couldn’t convince potential partners, employers and customers with impressive grades, I had to do it with even more impressive results, as well as extraordinary knowledge of the field I wanted to work in.

In the following years I traveled the world, building an extensive network of friends, partners and mentors and taught myself media production, below the line- and b2b marketing, trying to excell and over-perform in every aspect. This endeavor lead me to acquire some of the top brands of the world, including Adidas, Audi, AXA, BMW/Mini, Coca Cola, General Motors, Levis, Mercedes Benz, MTV, Raytheon, Redbull, Sony, Volkswagen, Walt Disney and many more (full list upon request) as my customers and and receiving perennial sponsorships from brands like K-Swiss and G-Shock.

I now apply these skills to consult and work for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as my own ventures. My key strengths consist of precise communication and leadership, highly efficient and creative problem solving and delivering outstanding results even on tight budgets, utilizing below the line marketing by leveraging my network and skills in high impact digital media production.