Andreas Kiss

I am an enterprising economist with marketing master degree from University of Pécs, Hungary. In parallel with my studies I had an active student life. I established student organizations, designed, coordinated and worked on national and international projects, generally with international teams. I have extensively travelled Europe, visited international summer universities, conferences and events across the continent. During these few years I built up a huge, international level network with special focus on Europe and the Netherlands where I spent 2,5 years (for my thesis research and internship).

These years opened and built my view about the world, about the life.

professional interest: branding, creative marketing strategies, social psychology marketing, Y and Z generation as target group, personal branding, communication, startups, new innovative products, marketing management, political marketing, international relations & cultural diplomacy /soft-power/

interest, hobby: photography, art, design, style, travelling, painting, snowboarding

  • Education
    • Marketing master