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Andreas Machairas

Athens Greece

I am the main founder of PUBBUH which is a startup about electronic publishing. We at PUBBUH are claim to redefine the concept of e-book.

I have studied physics at the University of Ioannina in Greece. During those years I also studied Computer Science. Later after my graduation and obligatory military service I worked as software analyst. In 1998 I joined with “Livani publishing house SA” which is a leading publishing company in Greece. My employment there lasted until 2011 as director of the R&D department.

Now I am one of the founders of PUBBUH startup. We have developed a web platform where any individual can publish and sell their own electronic book in pubbuh format which is optimized for reading e-books in cloud via any modern browser. We refer to this e-book as “pubbuh”. We provide tools for the publisher to embed a variety of interactive content in their pubbuhs. Publishers can also decide in which store they will provide their pubbuhs. With “pubbuh-in-action” which is a javascript library they can even build their own online bookstore.

So in summary PUBBUH is a web platform which gives the opportunity to everyone who wishes to become a publisher of their own content, while we provide the tools suite for producing, selling and distributing the works.

We are excited about this new technology and wish to soon enter the world market.

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