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Andrea Howard

Columbus, OH

I am a lifelong central Ohioan who loves to write, loves music and is very interested in all types of things….sports, politics, religion, the price of gold..WHO KNOWS!? So I created AndreaSpeakz...and you never know what you might get when …AndreaSpeakz

SIDE NOTE: This is just an FYI because I usually end up passing along this information when I meet a new person (though it may be a little tricky in print…but here goes). My name is Andrea, but chances are very good that the name you just heard in your head is not actually my name. Someone once told me that my name sounds like it should be spelled Aundrea. Other people have told me that since it is French (or at least, the woman I am named after is), there should be an “accent” over the 1st A. Regardless, I don’t really mind, as long as I know you’re talking to me I’ll answer.