Andrea Sposini

Consultant, Chef, and Art Director in Milano, Italia

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· ABOUT CHEF ANDREA SPOSINI A native of Perugia (Umbria), Italy and diplomate from the Cordon Bleu, Rome, Italy, Chef Andrea is a master of the technique and the art of classic Italian couisine. He owns a cooking school training professional chefs in the techniques and culture of Italian cousine and hospitality. He also owns a consulting business to assist in the start-up of new restaurants including staff training, and re-styling of existing restaurants. He has an international clientele, including hotels, restaurants, and food industries. He has provided consulting services in Italy, United States, India, and Australia. SERVICES: Chef Andrea wants to provide the same high quality services to the American market. The following are examples of products already delivered to his clients, · Menu development to enhance the dining experience. · Product selection and optimization for the market goals. · Food and wine pairing. · Training in Italian culinary techniques for consistent high standards. · Private and public cooking lessons and demonstrations. Chef Andrea provides on- and off-site assistance in the development of processes and protocols to ensure a sustainable and distinct brand personality. For the wine and restaurant industry in particular, Chef Andrea can assist in providing enhanced marketing services, developing ad-hoc recipes, novel combinations, and menus that highlight and complement the selected ingredient. This provides a novel eno-gastromic experience and renewed reasons for brand loyalty.

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