Andreas Stevens

New Orleans, La.

I like to spend my time doing general geeky things, working on music, and doing things to improve my life.

Born In New Orleans, Living In New Orleans, Working in New Orleans, other than the short stint in Houston and Minnesota , i am a NOLa native. as a hobby i have spent Many years Dj'ing, and Many more Tinkering with Electronics and Computers. basicly im a fun spirit, and like to entertain people.

Some of my current projects include advance study of Electronics engenering, Composing new music of my own prefered taste, and Android development (novice). while my 9-5 job has my time tied up, im going to refocus some of my time off to being creative.

there is more about me, but i will get to that a little later

  • Education
    • Currently at DCC working on ABET electronic coursework