Andreas Tapakoudes

As a student at Kings College London, Andreas Tapakoudes earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Electronic Systems. After receiving his degrees, Tapakoudes joined Applied Photophysics Limited, as a Design and Development Engineer focusing in electro-optics and developing poison gas and heavy weapon detection systems. In his next position as a Design and Development Engineer for Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc, he entered the telecommunications industry and trained employees in new computer systems. For the next 14 years, Andreas Tapakoudes served as Business and Product Development Manager with Malifax Technologies (S) Pte Ltd. in Singapore.

While there, he worked with the Middle East personal computer market and traveled to the region often to better understand its business needs. In 1998, Andreas Tapakoudes founded ATMicro Solar Ltd., his first company. In addition to manufacturing solar panels, ATMicro Solar Ltd. designed and installed PV systems and conducted feasibility studies under his guidance. Next, Tapakoudes became CEO of Volptech Worldwide in London continuing his achievements with solar energy products. Along with creating a solar-powered emergency communications infrastructure, Andreas Tapakoudes traveled to the United States and the United Kingdom promoting the company’s products at such notable events as the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Voice over Internet Protocol (VON) conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

For the past four years, Andreas Tapakoudes has acted as president and CEO of QSolar Limited. Through this revolutionary company, Tapakoudes has filed for five international patents for solar manufacturing processes that reduce the length of time, waste, and cost that coincides with the creation of these devices. While running the company, Andreas Tapakoudes also oversees research and development to ensure that QSolar Limited remains on the cutting edge of the industry. In March 2011, Andreas Tapakoudes' took his company public on the Canadian National Stock Exchange under the symbol QSL.