Andreas Winter

I feel incredibly proud of the progress I made in rising from a sales representative for Wieland in Germany to the position of a product manager at Wieland’s subsidiary in Chicago. I succeeded in leading cross functional teams, conducting market research as well as in designing and implementing novel marketing strategies, which improved Wieland’s bottom line.

However, I have decided to pursue new challenges in order to accelerate my professional and personal growth. Thus, I intend to apply the skills Wieland has taught me to a different industry and create value by building superior customer relationships that differentiate my company’s products. I am convinced that Kelley’s world-renowned MBA curriculum is going to prepare me to launch my
career as a product/brand manager allowing me to shape the customer’s perceptions of the company and act as a steward of a globally-recognized brand.

I also feel that my unique experience as a Division I tennis scholarship player at the University of Colorado at Boulder will help me launch a successful career in marketing. Tennis taught me to focus under pressure, deal with adversity, set goals, objectively assess my strengths and weaknesses, and to adjust my strategies on the fly as necessary. Perhaps most importantly, tennis taught me about the importance of teamwork - even in an essentially individual sport. Just as a salesman faces individual sales targets but must nevertheless understand the importance of working with his colleagues to help the company go to market with a coherent customer-facing strategy, I had to succeed individually while working with my teammates to help them succeed as well.

I am very excited about my chosen path and look forward to mastering new challenges in the field of marketing.