Andrea Tan

Hey guys!

My name is Andrea and my birthday is on the 9th of november so;))) /hinthint/ hehe. I love the band wethekings since primary school and i recently went to their concert and boy it was awesome!

I'm 14 this year(2014) from fairfield secondary class 2C:) I'm from fairfield english drama and i have a clique in class which consists of me, allison, hannah and rikke( pronounced as Raiker)

My favourite colour is pink and i love to sing and dance and i take ballet for 10 years already :D I'm a book maniac okay i love love love books more than anything in the world you could locked me up alone in the library and i would be glad to stay there because nothing scares me with books around. They give me a sense of comfort haha. I've read many many books from different genres and I dont have a favourite. A few of my favourite authors are Michael Grant(though i unfollowed him on twitter) , Allyson Noel, John Green and Stephenie Meyer.

I am also a movie fan. Okay to be more exact a fan of chick flicks. and i love those cheesy romantic girly movies. My personal favourite is Mean Girls even though its a little cliche is like omg bimbo hahaha another of my favourite is Wild Child as i love the ending about how Poppy realised she was studying in her mom's old school and stuff and omg just dem feels haha. I love the bring it on movie series too and i love love love the tv series of gossip girl , pretty little liars and vampire diaries <3

Okay heh i think i said too much so yea thats about it:) bye and may you have a great life!!!!