Andrea Teo

Good marketing excites. Why? Because there is virtually no way to escape from it unless you hole yourself up in some obscure part of the world and rely on nothing and no one but Mother Nature.

What better than to be part of an indefinite movement, right?

Customer relationship management, campaign conceptualisation, brand activation, digital strategy, content writing, project management and event execution. These are the things that have kept my work days buzzing for the past 6 years.

But all work and no fun makes Andrea a dull and extremely depressing girl. I love to occupy my free time with a good book, travels, hearty food from the kitchen, being a tech geek and games.

In my non-existent parallel world however, life would be an eternity of idyllic days spent frolicking in crystal clear waters; complete with a nice glass of margherita in hand. But I digress.

Let's sync up.