Andrea Thornburg

Funeral Director / Pre-need Specialist in Alexandria, Indiana

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Andrea received her Associate of Applied Science from Ivy Tech State College and went on to graduate from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1998.

She is a licensed funeral director/embalmer and licensed insurance agent with a wealth of knowledge in funeral law as well as state Medicaid law. She has conducted funerals for many of her own family members, including two grandmothers and two uncles. She knows the burden that it places on families when funeral plans are not prepared in advance.

Andrea decided to go from funeral directing full time to helping families plan ahead full time. She enjoys helping families plan a Celebration of Life so that the time spent together as a family can be a time to remember a loved one with their favorite music, displaying memorabilia, and other items that can make a service very memorable, personal, and unique.


After losing my father to a massive heart attack when he was only 51 years old, I found out first hand, at the young age of 22, the burden that falls on a family when a funeral is not planned in advance. My hope is that no other family has to experience what I did, having to make a lot of very difficult decisions over a short period of time and find a way to pay for unexpected expenses. As a licensed funeral director since 1999, I have been blessed to help hundreds of families with planning funerals at the time services are needed. I have seen the difference that it makes when a family has a plan to guide them on the way and help them arrange a service that is very special and unique to the wishes of their loved one.


Terry, my husband of more than 20 years, and I are blessed to be raising three active sons, Trey, Ty and Alec. My three sons are very active in participating in year-round basketball, so I get to experience a lot of weekends on the basketball court! When my boys are not active in sporting events, I enjoy scrapbooking the many memories and photographs of my family and friends. I enjoy exercising, going to church, and spending time with my family and friends. I also pray A LOT! Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gets me through each and every day and inspires me to take care of myself so that I am able to help one more family in the best, most respected and professional way possible.