Andrea Toole


Writes to educate.

Those three words follow me around. They whisper to me. I'm as sure of them as I am of my own name.

So naturally I adopted them as a mission statement.

My LinkedIn profile tells a story of how I got here, but not where I am or where I'm going. Here's some more:

My desires - Write to educate. Help others. Bring people together with the resources they need.

My strengths: Hunger for learning. Empathy. Compassion. Self-reflection. Patience.

My broader career mission statement as of February 2013:

"I want to help companies achieve their goals through marketing and community management. I want to be of service to them and their clients/customers and help make cool stuff happen."

Current businesses:

1. Finding Health & Wellness: Connecting people to online health & wellness educational events.

2. Andrea Writes: Digital marketing solutions - social media, website coaching, writing.

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