Andrea Valdivia

Student, Dancer, and Marketer in Montpellier, France

Based on my experience, I can tell you that relations and the network you construct are the best assets in life. I realized this first in school, making teams and relating with others may seem as a really normal and unimportant thing, but actually there are times when someone from your team can save you, lending you a book, explaining something, or even helping with a homework.

Also in work, when I was an intern in an advertising agency I realized that people who have literally nothing to do with you job, can help you find new opportunities or close a deal.

Finally in the year I spend abroad, I got to know a lot of people from different parts of the world, this not only expanded my network out of my country, but also it helped me expand my knowledge and perception of the world.

It is true that personal excellence has always been for me a challenge and a commitment to myself and to my family, and so far this has really helped me achieve all I have accomplished. However I am well aware that an organization does not function unless everyone is targeting and achieving the same goal. This is why understanding how people work is so important for me.

My interest for people has taught me about management, psychology and business. I strongly believe that in order to succeed in anything you have to be interested, connect and know people.

Because of the constant changes in the world society, being informed of all the new opportunities and trends gives you a huge advantage above all others. For instance, in my area of interest, which is marketing, anticipating is the key element to innovate and avoid obsolescence.

If you are interested or agree with me, please feel free to join my network.