Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson

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Sometimes when you are working in fast paced environment such as lending it can be hard to stop and smell the roses. For Andrea Wilson,loan officer with Treadstone Funding, it’s the little things, like getting to know people, that truly drives and reinforces her passion for what she does every day. With over a decade of combined real estate and customer service experience, nobody is better equipped to help you finance or refinance your dream home.

Where many lenders are often driven by nothing but numbers, Andrea thrives in fast paced environments and is driven by making positive changes for both herself and others. It is important to her to find meaning in all that she does, and to value the relationships that she develops as a lender during what can be a very emotional time for her clients.

Andrea’s number one priority is to truly KNOW her clients, and to understand their individual situations. This helps her to avoid many of the unnecessary problems encountered by many agents and home buyers in the mortgage process.Time and experience have shown her that this method always pays off because it helps her to form lasting relationships with her clients and business partners

who have continued to use and refer her over the years.

Born and raised in Middleville, MI, Andrea grew up in a large, tight knit family. An avid outdoor adventurer and music enthusiast, you will often findher enjoying both simultaneously. On Andrea’s days off she is often surrounded by her husband and children. Together they enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking,swimming, attending music festivals, or just catching up over a bonfire.