Andrea Yurkiw

My passion has always been making people look & feel good about themselves. So that’s why I went into personal training and esthetics. But what I found was I was working tonnes of hours and I was at the mercy of my clients showing up to their appointments to get a paycheck. So every two weeks, I was opening up an envelope of disappointment. One day I was sitting around trying to figure out how to make it to the next week & I got a phone call from my personal trainer. She told me that I could pursue my passion of helping people & not be disappointed every time I looked at my bank account. So, I an entrepreneur was born, or rather, she got to live as the entrepreneur she always wanted to be, but didn’t have the guidance. Now I get to work from home full time. I get to have tonnes of fun meeting new people and sharing my passion with others. I own my own time and I now have time to start a website to help others fulfill their dreams of a healthier, better life for them and their families.

Text or Call for more info: 1-204-485-4258

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Instagram: dre_yurkiw

Periscope & Twitter: @Dreyurkiw