André Berg

Student in Erlangen, Germany

André Berg

Student in Erlangen, Germany

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Graduated as Media Designer in Germany, moved on to freelance work which includes anything that touches visual effects, technical direction, 3d animation, motion graphics, and especially coding and scripting. Additionally, I have working experience in the creation of stereoscopic imagery.

Software of choice: CINEMA 4D, Adobe CS, Nuke, Houdini, Python, Ruby, Shell, C. Approaching 15 years of experience.

Since I believe in Free and Open Source, you can find my coding projects online at

Professionally, I own and run Iris VFX (

I am also currently studying computer science at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Personally, I love science-fiction, going all out in the pursuit of knowlegde, I am an animal lover, I love cooking, trying out new things, travelling, and listening to music like the next guy. I also wouldn't want to miss my snowboard and my mountain bike :)

Oh and last year I started break'ing (a.k.a. breakdancing). Something I always wanted to do.

I love meeting new people as I believe in the good of human nature, and I try to be optimistic at all times.

Whenever I have time I enjoy playing video games. My favorite being sci-fi themed RPGs, action adventures, MMOs and some shooter hybrids. I am so glad my parents inadvertently made me a "gaming nerd" ever since they gave me my first Nintendo console for birthday. Fortunately I seem to meet fewer and fewer people who consider that pasttime questionable. Hey, we have science to back it up now :)

Fun fact: during what I consider to be Hip-Hop's finest years (1990-1996) I was a straight up turntablist. To this day I prefer old-skool Techniks MK II's and a Vestax mixer with a Traktor setup.

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    • University of Erlangen-Nuremberg