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Andre Branch

Designer, Artist, and Writer in Saint Charles, Missouri

Andre Branch

Designer, Artist, and Writer in Saint Charles, Missouri

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Hello, I am a freelance designer from New York and currently living in Missouri. I earned an associate’s degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Graphic Design.

I am an artist specializing in: airbrushing, Oil, Watercolors, Pastels, and Portraits;and have been designing for over twenty five years.

As a graphic designer I have created logos, greeting cards, save the date invitations, business cards, inspirational posters and worked on branding identities in social media also print.

In the tenth grade I took second place in a community wide contest in Nassau County on Long Island for a “Stop the Vandalism” contest. I have a working knowledge of most software with photos and digital editing. I have also created magazine covers and ads, with a full page layout (front and back).

Art is has always been a special part of my life and I continue to grow the appreciation for creative minds. There are so many artist today and everyone has a unique ability.

I also enjoy listening to music, when i'm out; I like to listen to live music such as; cover bands and acoustic guitar. Sitcom comedy is my favorite past time while watching some televisions.

I have started my business as a graphic design firm offering many services through my network.

In the rough times I still smile and if there is anything I can do to solve anyone's problem; I promise to do my best to help!

Thank you for reading my story and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great day!

  • Work
    • Medical Assistant
  • Education
    • Art Institute of Pittsburgh | Katherine Gibbs Business School