Andrée Perreault


My name is Andrée Perreault and I am a Creator of Sacred Spaces and Co-President of L'Esprit du Lieu, a Coop located in Val-David, Quebec, which specializes in the creation of Masonry Heaters as well as inspired, eco-friendly interior design using noble and natural finishes such as clay and lime plaster.

My creative process is not driven by short-lived design trends and fashions. I prefer an approach focused on the heart and intent of the space and I value the importance of the relationship between the person and his/her space.

My mission is to create sacred spaces that assist you as you connect to your inner source and support you in your quest for self-actualization.

By using eco-friendly materials, by working with ethical partners and promoting sustainable development, our COOP is actively participating in the co-creation of a better world.