Andre Fedorow

Earth (mostly)

Many things can be said about André Fedorow, but creative onesidedness can definitely not be on that list. Born in the zodiac sign Gemini and into a music affine family he started following in his father’s footsteps by playing the drums at a very early age. Later on, he decided to switch over to bass guitar and keyboard. Fedorow went through the entire cycle from raw recruit to session-musician and later producer and sonwriter for multiple bands, record labels (wea, Universal, Sony-BMG, ZYX etc.) and his very own (band) projects such as Stellar Café and EAS. The latter provided him an entry into the lower-saxon radio airplay through his own composition “Faded Love”. (also on RTL 89.0, SAW, Radio Okerwelle etc.)

  • Work
    • Music Producer
  • Education
    • Marketing Manager