André Vieira


I studied Computer Engineering for 5 years but since I was 6 I knew I wanted to be a programmer. Damn, I loved playing with my Spectrum but I loved it even more when I was programming for it even though I didn't understand it very well :)

When I finished my course I got my first job doing game programming. Ok, it is not easy to do it in Portugal, surely it was not easy in 2001, not that many companies want to invest in it...

I then got into doing web development. This was really nice I worked closely with web designers and the things we did were not only good engineering projects but also very good in marketing and design.

After this I joined a big corporation and participated as a team leader for a User Interface team. To sum up the experience: learned java and swing, learned a bit how to manage a team, hated waterfall, one project, two years, no go live :(

Joined OutSystems in 2006. Did consultancy for 6 years. Worked with a lot of different people in tens of projects for totally different business areas. It was wonderful!

Since July 2012 I joined OutSystems Academy. I wanted to share more of what I think I can give. (This didn't sound so humble...)

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