André Horton

Consultant, Photographer, and Small Business Owner in Anchorage, Alaska

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I run towards fires. I have big ideas. I yearn for creativity. I live for encouraging others to win. I like ambiguity and solving problems. I like intuition and emotional IQ. I believe epic leadership is found in servitude, discipline, flint like focus, and contagious vision. I prefer the unknown, dependent on faith, versus the common path someone else has already forged. I constantly settle for too little, and I hate it.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur who has owned several businesses and understands the business cycle from starting with an idea to selling a firm. I understand sales cycles and product life cycles. I also know too many buzz words and MBA jargon for my own good. I like to perform and leverage my knowledge for success with a team or by myself. I live in the business space of creating relationships, encouraging the process, and building brands. I am “that guy” that goes and talks to strangers. I live for uniting people and ideas and commerce. I like being told “no” and winning anyway, much like being a fat black kid from Alaska with dreams of being on the US Ski Team and representing my country. Being told “no” or that my dreams are “unlikely” is exactly what makes me succeed.

I am a business and IT nut in almost every aspect. I am a photographer and brand builder. I am a Believer, husband, and father. I like people and commerce and I kill for every opportunity to be a part of it and see it grow.

Specialties: business development, entrepreneurship, holistic brand building, public communications, political & business strategy, operations & logistics, photographic artist.

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