Andrei Oliver

Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia

hey wats up my name's andrei. if u don't like what i do say or how i act go fuck your self because i cant be bothered with the negative shit people have to say. life's to short to be what people want you to be. live life how you want to live it not how others want you to live it. youll make mistatkes alone the way but in the end it all will be for the best and you will come out a stronger wiser person :D Shit happens. you can't stop doing a shit so just keep on shitting :) ^HAHAHA ok well. this is katherine here, right now we are in Salt Ash, watching hi-5 with sonjas little sisters. We are up here for Sonjas one year

  • Work
    • Wild Life Hair & Beauty
  • Education
    • St Pauls manly
    • Newington College