Andrei Cosma

Andrei Cosma

I am a talented and experienced iOS developer. I have great knowledge and understanding of Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, and Apple's design and development guidelines. I have worked on a wide variety of complex projects that include social media, point of sale, inventory management, and business applications.

My favorite development method: Agile ( Scrum, XP, DSDM, ASD, TDD, BDD )

Skills and expertise:

- Scrum/Agile development experience,- understanding of software release process,

- ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently with remote managers and teams (emails,teleconferences, project tracking tools, bug tracking tools, etc.),

- experience in work for international customers (USA, UK, Germany) in multinational team,- hands-on code review process,

- working with cross-platform code,

- understanding of quality assurance process,

- focus on getting things done,

- ability to learn new technologies quickly,- ability to act as a team leader,

- focus on gaining information needed to deliver the work,

- ability to design and develop the product satisfying customer needs,

- understanding of post-release customer support process,- iOS and Android experience as a user.