Andreia Brazier

She knows what she is talking about. As a 3X time WBFF World Champion, she defines the word; Champion. In record time, this Brazilian beauty has competed in and won FIVE major Fitness Beauty Events. The combination of her incredible physique, sharp muscle definition, stunning looks and personality, along with her incredible stage presence have seen Andreia become repeatedly victorious, and she’s hungry for more.

Her success in competitions has seen her dubbed as the New Generation Victoria Secret Fitness Model afterwards she was pronounced as THE QUEEN OF FITNESS. Andreia has inspired many people around the world to strive for and achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. From her home in Dubai, she rules over the fit world with her lifestyle consultation fitness and health company; A1Lifestyle.

Andreia has a total training experience of 20 years, and a vast knowledge base in the area of physical building, toning, conditioning and shaping of the body.

Andreia has showed in many Fitness Conventions and Competitions and placed first.