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Andreia Leite

Glasgow, Scotland, Uk

Hello Dear Travelers,

My name is Andreia Leite, I'm a portuguese girl, who truly wants to get to know the World. I spent 3 month in Copenhagen, lived for 3 years in London, and now I live in Glasgow.

So, I have a mission: step 100 countries, and then make a Tattoo in my foot with the globe in it. :)

Think: 100!!!
It might be a lot... and probably I'll have my tattoo done when I am 70 years old. But what really matters are the life experience I'll get , the people I'll meet, and the places I'll get to know along the way...

I like to read, and I believe in Saint Augustine when he says:
"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

So, let's travel, explore, dance under the same sky and above different grounds. Let's breath the fresh air of another beautiful sunset, stop in the border - in between two coutries! Let's jump from an airplane, get a different view of this World, amazing, full of life World.

So this website is about sharing the memories, the stories and pictures of my trips.

As I once told a friend: the best shots will always make you feel like visiting that place again! Let's go back there!

Feel free to join me in this mission!

With Love,

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