Andreia Ferreira de Sousa

Portugal - Loures

My performance is driven BY my passion of learning !

With sports in my heart, federated in gymnastics since 5 years old, tree years playing basketball and as a volleyball referee, it awaked team spirit working. When I was younger I always enjoyed writing and telling stories to others so I decided to take a communication degree. At the end of my studies, under the Leonardo exchange program, I had the pleasure to work in Odense - Denmark. A remarkable and unforgettable experience, where I had the opportunity to experience not only the Scandinavian organizational culture, based on efficiency and task oriented as well as the contact with people of other nationalities studying locally. During the project I increased my sense of organization, team working and leadership. In my way searching for knowledge I had the contact with life coaching and I realize that my bust of energy is to work with people. Sharing and learning from ideas, experiences and always trying to show the positive way of dealing with challenges. Working with people is where I intend to steer my career.

  • Work
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  • Education
    • Post graduation in Relational Marketing and Comunication
    • Degree in Comunication in Organizations (MKT, PR and Comunication)