Andrei Grigoriev

Life Coach, Consultant, and Father in Moscow, Russia

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Hey there. I’m Andrei. I’m a business consultant and a life coach in Moscow, Russia.

My speciality is marketing and organizational development for organizations that put purpose ahead of profit.

Since early 1990s I had an honor of working for Mars, McKinsey, BAT, Renault, HARMAN and Kia Motors. Having left corporate career in early 2014 I co-founded The Good Guys Russia − the sustainability consulting. Finally I'm a founder and managing partner in that pioneered Quantum Marketing − technology that creates the powerful future by igniting the emotions and audial, visual and kinaesthetic images of brand value proposition.

I'm also a co-founder of Belbek Initiative − non-profit (so far) sustainable intentional community with locations spanning across Russia and concerns including biodynamic farming, Waldorf school, eco-travel, various training and holistic health centers.

I'm on my way to becoming Dynamic Governance (Sociocracy) and self-run organizations trainer and consultant in Russia and Eastern and Northern Europe.

I grew up in St-Petersburg, Russia where I had my primary and higher education. I now live in a hilly green surrounding of Moscow with my wife and two sons.