Andreina Gonzales

I'm 22 years i was born in Tucson, AZ on February 26 1991. I currently live in San Diego, CA I have lived here for 5 years now. I became a mom at 17 years old, not exactly happy about the outcome of it. Giving thanks to god everyday for a lot of things, became a routine.

I live my life with no regrets. Now I' am a mother of a 4yr old boy and a 10 month old girl. My life is not perfect but I make the best of it! my kids keep me happy. Through out my child hood I have travled almost the whole U.S. My father is a former MARINE / Miner TBM Operator, drilling underground tunnels. I have lived and seen Tennessee, Minnesota,Montanna,Nevada,Utah, New mexico,Georgia,Arizona, and California is where we ended up to be. i have seen Mall of America in minnesota, Dollywood in Tennessee, White Waters and Carters Lake in Georgia, Yellowstone, and the beaches in San Diego at the age of 8 I had an eruptured appendix I was hospitalized for 2 months and got to see the Blue Angels. School congradulated me for being strong and pulling through, that I got awarded with FREE San Diego Charger tickets to see them LIVE. Finishing school at 17 and single mom and father abandon us was a difficult time not just for me but for my family as well. where there is darkness shall soon come Light. in 2011 I met another man who took us in and thats how i gained my daughter. =) life is full of blessings. I have never gave up! and never will i fight for what I love and want. I have accomplished a bit and my journey is just beginning. I'am very excited to see what god has for me in the future. My heart is big i love easily and get hurt often,very passionate, kind and outgoing, sometimes i can be impatient so watch out. Music, art, writing poems, and car detailing is my thing, the kind of music I' am into is country, rock, jazz and a little of hip-hop. I have love for the outdoors camping,fishing,hiking, exploring,dancing, sight-seeing are some things i love to do on my free time. Sports i would have to say pool, boxing, kick-boxing,football and soccer. My favorite color is black. I love to eat enchiladas, pizza, hamburgers, and chineese food. I dont drink all the time but when I do I prefer hard liquor never liked beer. I do not smoke I do not have any piercings but I do have 2 tattoos.

  • Education
    • Ged
    • Granite Hills High
    • Pima Community College