Andreina Hernandez

Student in Miami, Florida

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FIU Junior. Business Major. Venezuelan. Future Entrepreneur. I aspire to change the world.

I hope to interact and inspire, engage, inform, and impact everyone around me. As a business management major, I'm a leader, an innovator, and a future entrepreneur.

I am a full time business management student at Florida International University.

I work two part time jobs: as a tutor at School Spot and as a sales associate at Old Navy

My responsibilities at School Spot include providing/spreading my knowledge on different subjects, educating those who need help comprehending certain subjects, improving my communication skills and spanish speaking abilities, and understanding different problems that may come up in real life situations.

My responsibilities at Old Navy include managing the fitting room, assisting customers, organizing the store, providing overall great customer service, and making sure all tasks are completed by the time of closing. My job allows me to practice my business to consumer skills, leadership skills, and provides me with the knowledge I need on how to maintain and run a business.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." And I aim to do both~

  • Education
    • Florida International University