Andrei Romanov

I'm an artist ..... and that's it....*(Andrei Romanov)

Born and raised in a small town suburb of Penza ... differed from childhood positive thinking to a brighter future ... always believed that I will always be proud of, love, and love to remember, that was an eccentric in the family.
He studied diligently, but not without failing grades), he graduated from art school in it ... I spent almost 8 years ... it was a major step in my creative journey ... through the knowledge I received it listed in the book "Gifted Children in Russia",thanks to her I went to uneversitet architecture and design.PGUAS -

Penza State uneversitet architecture and construction - the goal was achieved thanks to the excellent faculty, outstanding teaching program.6 years to pay all subjects relating to the field of design.Thesis topic "Organization Lanshaftnoy medium estates VN Voejkova"-was assessed by the Commission for good....