Andre Isom Sr.

America's Next Top Producer is the moniker humbly held by the one and only Andre "Big Dre" Isom. The musician, singer, songwriter, and producer is the heartbeat of Trachead Entertainment a label he established in 2004. Andre is a life long musician starting with the drums and piano at 8 years of age. Andre has left a lasting impression in various cities and states; Southern California, Western Michigan, Chicago, & Detroit to name a few. His experience and style as a producer has presented several encounters with big names like Bill Gates, & Judge Greg Mathis. As one of the hottest up and coming producers Andre has left his fingerprints on some of the most timeless and uncompromising music. Respected in every position held he is well on his way to fulfilling his dreams. With a sick stage presence, soulful voice, and energy like no other he stands out among Giants! Reason being Andre says "Only what you do for Christ will Last"! When you witness the breathtaking presentations of Andre Isom you can't help but confirm.