Andrejs Liepinieks

Shailer Park, QLD Australia

Gee I love sport.

I love playing it, watching it, talking, arguing about it, analysing it...

It's the ultimate reality show - where else can you see how the most talented, hardest workers in their given field perform every day?

We soon realise however, that those who are the most successful, don't always have the most talent. What they have is a sense of timing, an ability to perform under pressure, an understanding of team work and more often than not, they simply work harder at it than most.

So I hope you understand what I mean when I say that I love sport, because although at times it might seem like fun and games, I see it as a measure of success for those who have more than just raw talent.

  • Work
    • Synchromedia Group
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    • QUT, GCIT, Oracle University