Andrej Ugoljew

Musician in Berlin, Deutschland

Andrej Ugoljew

Musician in Berlin, Deutschland

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Hi there,

glad you found my page!

I am Andrej, born 1986 in East Berlin, moved to Moscow when I was 5 years old and lived there during the wild 90ties. Came back to Berlin 98 and then started playing on the trombone.

I am lovin all good music from Glenn Gould to Atmosphere. From Ray Charles (thx to my Dad, I heard him live at a concert in Moscow!!!! ) to Wladimir Wissotzki, Radiohead or Miles Davis.

I just recorded the first Album with my band Drejs Quintet. The Album is called Dunkelgold and we are working on the release.

An other main project of mine is an half electronic half acoustic project with producer Antoine Lukac. We call our band "The Moon Empire". You are welcome to listen to our music on my homepage! Fly to an other dimension with us. The pictures you can see in the Youtube Videos are self-made. Besides Music I love to work on some Fotos I am doing while being on tour.

I am also glad to have worked as sideman and studio musician with artists and bands like WDR Big Band, Nils Frahm, Jimmy Summerville, Evelina Petrova, Moscow Art Trio, Bonaparte, Dirty Honkers, SkaZka Orchestra, Electro Deluxe Big Band, Megaloh, Tony Allen, Teesy, Malte Schillers Red Balloon, The Omniversal Earkestra, Kati Briens Dremband and many more great musicians.

Some very great Jazz trombonist were my teachers. Big up for Ludwig Nuss, Jiggs Whigham, Michael Davis, Wycliff Gordon, Nils Wogram and all other teachers who showed me how to play on this awesome instrument.

Wright now I am in a Masters Programm called European Jazz Master, consisting studies in Berlin, Paris and Kopenhagen, where I am working on my own composing/ playing and making connections with other instrumentalists and composers.

You are very welcome to visit my website and to listen to some of my music.

All the best,


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